Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Project Overview

It has been a long time since I last posted something. Too long. Honestly, I think that a reboot of this blog would be appropriate. Or at least, a good excuse to delete the old posts and start over. For those who have been following, sorry about not giving you anything exciting to read in the past couple let’s not talk about that. For those who are here for the first time, welcome to the Project.

Let's begin by going over what exactly Project: Poisontree is. The Project is, in short, my journey into software development. And you are getting in at right around the beginning. In other words, this isn't me telling my memoirs; this is you getting my experiences as I experience them. You are also going to get my insights and perspectives into the news about the I.T. world that is interesting to me. For example, I am interested in software, but hardware does not carry quite as much interest for me, so I probably won't talk about hardware as much.

But first, you should know why you should pay attention to me. I bring an interesting perspective because, well first of all, because I am a fascinating person. Secondly, I am 40, not the standard age to start. This means that I have a different outlook on things than the typical young buck. Now, there are those who hear my age and they automatically say, "Wow. You're old. You sure you've got a good idea?" To which I say:
  1. You're a jerk.
  2. My age means that I have already passed my "Time to Make Some Bad Decisions" phase. I have regrets. Oh, do I have regrets. Not as many as some people, but I do have them. As such, I have learned from those mistakes - and occasionally, from other people's mistakes. I'm not going to call out of work because I spent the previous night following the orders of Captain Morgan.
So now that we have the very basics of who I am, go ahead and follow me. And if there is a topic you would like me to discuss, go ahead and put it in the comments; if I am interested, I will cover it. For that matter, even if I am marginally curious, I will cover it. That's how special you are to me.