Thursday, December 10, 2015

Wikipedia, Stop Begging.

I may be more easily annoyed than usual, but this just irks me and I can’t be the only one.

Wikipedia has a begging banner, which is like an ad banner, but more pathetic. Instead of advertising a product or service that might be wanted, it says that Wikipedia doesn’t use ads because of donations, and won’t you dig deep into your heart and your pocketbook and donate to Wikipedia so that they can remain free?

This annoys me because, first of all, something you pay for is not free. I looked up the definition of free; it is “without cost or payment”. Wikipedia is asking for you to give it money so that the site can be free for other people to use for free. If anything, it’s resource redistribution. My money escapes my wallet enough already, so why help it?

But the bigger irritation for me is that the begging banner nets me the same result as the ad: a request for money on the top. At least an ad is open about the fact that they just want my money and attention. Wikipleadia is trying to make it sound like they are asking for me to give them money for my benefit.

Honestly, I would rather have the ads. The ads might point me toward something I am interested in purchasing from the advertiser. At worst, they are easily ignored. Either way, I didn’t pay for it! Now, there is a slim chance that I purchase something because the ad inspired me to buy something, and that has happened, but even if it was a waste of money, it wasn’t a waste of money for me.

So, Wikipedia, please stop begging me for money. You’re embarrassing us both.